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26 January 11 AM EST

Perimortem Trauma: Timing is Everything

Hosted by Professor Megan Brickely (McMaster University), two experts in trauma dig into what can be a difficult diagnosis: injuries occurring at or around the time of death. 

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 Dawnie W. Steadman (University of Tennessee, USA)

Discriminating Between Fresh and Dry Bone Modifications: What the Body Farm Can Teach us about Taphonomic Changes in Surface Remains

This section of the webinar will focus on taphonomic modifications that can resemble skeletal injuries. An overview of decomposition will be followed by a discussion of the major environmental factors that affect bone, particularly those found on the ground surface, such as scavenging and weather-related events. The importance of Body Farm research to paleopathological diagnosis of fresh versus dry bone modifications will be emphasized.  

 Rimantas Jankauskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

In my presentation I will focus on difficulties of differentiating perimortal vs postmortal/taphonomic traumas after decades of deposition in soil. Presentation will be illustrated with numerous examples of penetrating and other lesions from 19th till middle of 20th c.c. on skull and postcranial skeleton, together with contextual information.

Content Warning: Because of the nature of this talk, images of human remains will be displayed. 

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24 February 11 AM EST

The human body on display: Ethical considerations and museum practice

Hosted by Dr Chryssa Bourbou (Curator at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture), this panel of experts will discuss the ethical considerations we all need to be thinking about. 

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March (Date TBA): Osteology in Contract Archaeology

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