PPA Member Early Career Award

Eve Cockburn Student Prize Information (Awarded at all PPA meetings)

 Eve Cockburn Mentorship Award Information (To be awarded at the 2018 North American Annual Meeting)

 Eve Cockburn Service Award Information
(To be awarded at the 2019 North American Annual Meeting)

List of Past Cockburn Awardees:

2005-- Don Ortner   Service Award 
2006-- No award presented
2007-- Rose Tyson    Service Award 
2008-- Jerry Rose      Mentor Award
2009-- Mary Powell    Service Award
2010-- Jerry Melbye    Mentor Award
2011-- Jane Buikstra   Service Award
2012-- Della Collins Cook    Mentor Award
2013-- Anne Grauer    Service Award
2014-- Marie Danforth    Mentor Award
2015-- Andrea Buck   Service Award
2016-- Karl Reinhard   Mentor Award
2017-- Charlotte Roberts   Service Award

2018-- Tracy Prowse   Mentor Award

2019-- Charles Merbs  Service Award


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