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Paleopathology (or palaeopathology) is defined as the study of ancient diseases in humans and animals recovered from archeological sites. It is a key  contributor to the field of bioarcheology that precisely integrates a biocultural approach to reconstruct past  lived experiences.

Today, the PPA is a global community composed of researchers and students with a background in anthropology, archaeology, medicine, biology, and zoology. Membership is open to all who are interested and dedicated to sharing information, ideas and resources that help us understand health and disease in the past. 

As our motto states: the dead teach the living.

Upcoming events

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Have you seen the new pages for the International Journal of Paleopathology and the PPA Newsletter

In there, you will find all the information about these publications as well as how to submit to them, and what the latest updates are! 

International Journal of Paleopathology

The International Journal of Paleopathology carves out a dedicated academic space for communication, collaborations and cutting-edge research in paleopathology - human and non-human. The journal seeks to encourage research and foster interdisciplinary communication.

Find more information about the latest updates and how to publish in the IJPP in our dedicated page.

Volume 41 is now on the making - Check it out!

On the IJPP website,  you will also find the fantastic collection of Special Issues, and the newly-created Volume Highlights which celebrate and promote those scientific contributions influencing our field.

REMEMBER! Members of the Paleopathology Association receive free online access to the IJPP.


Eve Cockburn Service Award 2023

Prof. Marie Danforth


The Awards Committee stated that Marie has been an active member of the PPA for the last 40 years, starting as a graduate student member, and has served as Treasurer from 2009-2012, then as Vice-President from 2013-2015, organizing the two North American meetings, alongside supporting the PPA Student Group, and several PPA subcommittees. 

Marie has promoted our discipline at several other levels, ranging from university-level activities to local, regional, national, and international-level academic engagement activities. She has received numerous honors and awards including the Charles Jenkins Service Award by the Lambda Alpha National Honorary Society in Anthropology (2002), the Mentorship Award from the PPA (2014), one recognition for contributions to Undergraduate Research by the Drapeau Center for Undergraduates, the Innovation Award for Research Advocacy from the University of Southern Mississippi (2011 and 2017), and The Mississippi Humanities Council Scholar of the Year in 2013.

Marie has mentored, trained, and supported countless students that always felt inspired not only by her excellence in scholarship but by her generosity, kindness, and compassion as well.  

Visit our awards page...

for information on how to be considered for the Jane E. Buikstra Early Career Award 2023


PPA June 2023 is on the making! 

Send your interesting activitiesnews from the field (from every corner of the world!), field school announcements and reports (including virtual ones!)reports (and impressions or notes) on any past meetings, curious cases in paleopathology, research requests or announcements

conference and meeting notificationsobituaries, job posting, with connection to paleopathology (aDNA or bioarchaeology), book announcementsyour ideas and innovations to share about education in Paleopathology, or any other ideas you may have and would like to share!

Did you enjoyed the conference?

Were you inspired by what you saw?

Do you want to be part of our phenomenal community?

Join us!

PPA Members have access to our Newsletters, webinars, abstracts, awards, conference information and access to the International Journal of Paleopathology!

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The fantastic March webinar on Emerging Scholarship of Paleopathology and Marginalization hosted by Madeleine Mant and featuring Kendra Isable, Jo Motley and Adam Netzer Zimmer will be available soon! 

Keep an eye on the Members' Page!

PPA newsletter

The Paleopathology Newsletter (PPNL) is issued quarterly. Subscription to the PPNL is a PPA member benefit.

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Student group

The PPA Student Group (SG) is open to all student members of the PPA. 

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Next Conferences

IX PAMinSA meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia

August 9-11 2023

More information can be found Here

Fourth Announcement

Future European Paleopathology Association Meetings:

Leiden (2024) and Berlin (2026)

51st Annual North American Meeting of the Paleopathology Association

Los Angeles (2024)

Future North American meetings: 

Baltimore (2025) and Denver (2026).

PPA webinars

We run regular webinars on topics important to paleopathology and our membership. Recordings of these events are normally available on the 'Members Only' page.

Taster! Watch one of our PPA webinars on Colonialism and Bioarchaeology

All recording of our 2022 PPA Webinar series are available on the 'Members Only' Page:

  • On the Edge: Emerging scholarship of Paleopathology and Marginalization
  • Cancer as an ancient disease: past and implications to the present
  • Rare diseases: Good words make good science
  • From paleopathological diagnosis to the biocultural approach: The contribution of hospital archives
  • Non-adult paleopathology: current understandings and debates


Feeling inspired? If you have a suggestions or would like to offer a session related to paleopathology, please contact our Communications and Publicity Liaison, Laura Castells Navarro


The need for a consensus and accuracy in the use of descriptive terms in palaeopathology has been a longstanding concern of the PPA. Learn more about adopting appropriate terms in all communications and publications.

Read More Here

For information or queries, contact our Communications and Publicity Liaison 

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