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Founded in 1974

Paleopathology (or palaeopathology) is defined as the study of ancient diseases in humans and animals recovered from archeological sites. It is a key  contributor to the field of bioarcheology that precisely integrates a biocultural approach to reconstruct past  lived experiences.

Today, the PPA is a global community composed of researchers and students with a background in anthropology, archaeology, medicine, biology, and zoology. Membership is open to all who are interested and dedicated to sharing information, ideas and resources that help us understand health and disease in the past. 

As our motto states: the dead teach the living.

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Recent Books by Members

Winners of the 2022 PPA Awards

Cockburn Best Student Podium:

Aida R. Barbera: Fluctuations of intestinal parasites in historical Northeast North America: a paleoepidemiological approach.

Cockburn Best Student Poster:

Émy Roberge: High prevalence of interglobular dentin in an Inca population from Farfán (Peru) detected through correlative tomography.

Cockburn Runner-Up Student Poster: Hayley Welsh: Investigating growth disruption in subadults from the 10th–13th century cemetery of St. Étienne of Toulouse, France


Nominations for the Eve Cockburn Service Award (2023)

To find out how to nominate a member  HERE

Send you letter of support to the PPA Director at Large (Awards) no later than 31 January, 2023

International Journal of Paleopathology

The International Journal of Paleopathology (IJPP) publishes original and significant articles concerned with the scientific analysis of skeletal and dental remains, and preserved soft tissues. The journal accept submissions of major research articles, case-studies of impact, brief communications, and technical notes, along with Special Issues that reflect key themes within paleopathology. 

Members of the Paleopathology Association receive free online access to the IJPP.

Winner of the Mentorship Award 2022

Prof. Sheila Mendonça de Souza 

Escola Nacional de Publica Sergio Arouca, Brazil

The Awarding Committee commented: "Sheila has played a crucial role in the development and internationalization of paleopathology in Brazil. Her excellent mentorship skills are demonstrated by the quality of the teaching and research of her former Doctoral students, many of whom are now professors at reputable Brazilian universities."

Nomenclature in Paleopathology

The need for a consensus and accuracy in the use of descriptive terms has been a longstanding concern of the PPA. Learn more about adopting appropriate terms in all communications and publications.

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Upcoming Events

23rd European PPA Meeting, Vilnius, Lithuania - 25-29 August 2022

Call for abstracts now open: https://www.ppa2022.mf.vu.lt/abstract

Extended Deadline: May 07, 2022

IX PAMinSA meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia, August 2023

PPA webinars

We run regular webinars on topics important to paleopathology and our membership. Recordings of these events are available on the 'Members Only' page.

Taster! Watch one of our PPA webinars on Colonialism and Bioarchaeology

Feeling inspired? We are currently looking for new Webinar Events for 2022-3. If you have a suggestions or would like to offer a session related to paleopathology, please contact:

Carina Marques mailto:anac@ci.uc.pt or

Chris Stantis mailto:treasurer.ppa@gmail.com

PPA Newsletter

The Paleopathology Newsletter (PPNL) is issued quarterly. Subscription to the PPNL is a PPA member benefit.

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The June 2022 Issue is now out!

Student Group

The PPA Student Group (SG) is open to all student members of the PPA. 

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For information or queries, contact  paleopath.secretary@gmail.com

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