Paleopathology is the study of ancient diseases in humans and animals. The Paleopathology Association was formed in 1973 by U.S. and Canadian scientists. Today, the PPA is a global community composed of researchers and students with backgrounds in physical anthropology, archaeology,  medicine, biology, and zoology. Membership is open to all who are interested and dedicated to sharing information, ideas and resources that help us understand health and disease in the past.

The PPA Board of Directors has recently approved a Code of Conduct for the Association. PPA Code of Conduct.docx

This modified statement was used with the kind permission of the AAPA.


In view of recent developments regarding  the visa policy of the United States, the board of directors of the Paleopathology Association have released the following statement:

The Paleopathology Association is an international organisation that aims to improve our understanding of disease and health throughout human history. This gives a global perspective as to how disease has shaped the development of all cultures across the planet. We greatly value the contributions of our members throughout the world, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religious background.

We  foster the principal that all who undertake research in this field can meet in an inclusive atmosphere of scientific excellence and education at any of our conferences, whether held in North America or elsewhere.

International Journal of Paleopathology

The IJPP is the flagship journal of the
Paleopathology Assocation.

We accept submissions of major research articles, case-studies of impact, brief communications, and technical notes, along with Special Issues which reflect key themes within paleopathology. 

Nomenclature in Paleopathology

Concern for consensus and accuracy in the use of descriptive terms has been a longstanding concern of the PPA. Learn more about adopting appropriate terms in all communications and publications.

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PPA Newsletter

The Paleopathology Newsletter (PPNL) is issued quarterly. Subscription to the PPNL is a PPA member benefit.

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Student Group

 The PPA Student Group is open to all student members of the PPA. The Student Group (SG)

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