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The International Journal of Paleopathology (IJPP) carves out a dedicated academic space for communication, collaborations and cutting-edge research in paleopathology - human and non-human. The journal seeks to encourage research and foster interdisciplinary communication. The IJPP accepts submissions towards Special Issues reflecting key themes within paleopathology, along with research articles, case-studies of impact, brief communications, and technical notes.

Editor-in-Chief: Anne Grauer

Associate editors: Angela Lieverse, Simon Mays, Megan Perry, Richard Thomas and Anne Titelbaum 

Volume 42 is in progress! 

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Volume highlights


With these papers, The Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors and Advisory Board members of the IJPP seek to celebrate and promote scientific contributions that influence our field. Articles will be selected based on the potential impact on our field and other disciplines, and the broader interest beyond the academy.

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Volume Highlights - V. 41

'A look into the wild. Pathological analysis of a modern collection of guanacos from the Dry Chaco and its implications for South American camelid paleopathological studies'

By María Paula Weihmüller.

This study focuses on the presence of pathological conditions in a modern collection of endangered guanacos from Central Argentina and seeks to understand how heath is influenced naturally by the environment and potentially compromised by human intervention. Through careful evaluation of sampling bias, lesions noted by anatomical element, as well as environmental conditions and human-animal interaction, past and present, the author offers insight into ways paleopathology and zooarchaeology reveal human/animal relationships and underscores the need of conservation of endangered species.

'Sex, gender, and sexuality in paleopathology: Select current developments and pathways forward'

By Molly K. Zuckerman, Sierra W. Malis, Daniel D. Dillon, Kerri J. Widrick, Elise J. Adams, Mary E. Hill, M. Kathryn McKenna, Olivia C. Baumgartel, and Hannah D. Willis.

Here, the authors carefully evaluate methodological and theoretical premises upon which paleopathological investigation is undertaken and underscore limitations to understanding the past when sex is approached as a strict binary, when gender constructs are limited to those traditionally found in the Western world, and when cultural contingency and human agency are ignored. Paying close attention to the biosocial complexity of sex, gender, and sexuality, the authors provide a superb foundation for future research and exemplify how paleopathological research can directly address issues of social justice.


These articles are freely available until 31st October 2023.

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